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Foundation Considerations

Concrete / Embedding

Poles may be direct embedded into a foundation which is poured into the ground (also known as "rooted poles").

Alternatively, poles may be attached to steel anchor bolts which are embedded into a prefabricated foundation. For anchor-bolt installations, poles should be specified with an appropriate flange plate.

Valmont offers pre-fabricated light pole and lighting mast foundations upon request.

Selection of the type and dimensions of the foundation on every occasion depends on many variables including soil conditions, foundation composition and predicted pole load. The design engineer of the facility on which the pole will be erected is responsible for the obligation of the correct selection of foundation, pursuant to the provisions of the Construction Law.

In order to facilitate the preliminary selection of dimensions of the foundation or embedding heights, the proposed sizes have been provided in the tables below. 

Pre-fabricated Concrete:

Direct Embedding: