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Valmont Malto Drop Down Crowns

MALTO Retractable Crown

Valmont offers various lowering / retractable systems to save time and money when maintenance and repairs are needed to lighting or equipment. Light fixtures and other equipment may be mounted on a crown and lowered/elevated using a cable or rail system. A lowering system improves maintenance safety because work can be completed at ground level, rather than on an elevated lift, platform or crane.

Over the life of the pole, considerable cost savings may be achieved by eliminating the need for equipment rental for routine equipment maintenance.

The new MALTO mobile crown is ideal for high-mast lighting installations such as airports, shipping ports, industrial zones, and storage warehouses.

Valmont Structures MALTO mobile crown ยป features:
  • Attractive modern design stands apart from products offered by others
  • Automatic lowering and lifting system saves time and money during maintenance
  • Convenient wireless remote control device included
  • Integrated internal drive is installed within the mast
  • Illumination optimization - install up to 12 floodlights along the crown structure perimeter
  • Additional devices, such as a surveillance cameras, antennas and glare inhibitors may be mounted

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